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Some tips:

The 3I's

The 3I's are the intent, implement and the Impact.

The British values 

to promote British values we should be embedding them into our daily activities so that they are able to see examples of it continuously. We can promote British values through Literacy,communication and language, understanding the world and Physical development for example, we can listen to different songs from other countries as well as British songs so that we can appreciate them all. They can talk about the language involved and the instruments used are all key to understanding and teaching diversity, then by asking the children what their favourite song is you are able to promote individual liberty.

What can we do?

celebrate British traditions 

participate in local traditions 

discuss friendships

encourage good manners 

celebrate other traditions around the world 

Extending their Learning 

On a daily basis children are quite happy to initiate their own play and play with or alongside others. It is these crucial times when adults should be thinking about how to extend the learning opportunities without ruining the child’s play experiences.

Sometimes it is about using resources to help extend the play or many times it can be using effective questioning. It can be very easy for practitioners to go wading into children’s play and start asking loads of questions. Be mindful of this and make the questions applicable to the child’s levels of understanding and don’t ask too many questions. When extending the childs learning we need to consider the childs interests when planing and their next steps as well as their ability so that they are able to feel they are accomplishing a goal instead of becoming disheartened if they are pushed too far and unable to achieve the goal. An example of this could be a child playing with the sand so you are then able to encourage them to draw letters, shapes or numbers depending on their next step.

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