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Our Rooms

The Baby Room (Four months to two years old)

In the baby room they achieve a lot of milestones in a short space of time and we like to capture these and share them with you on Tapestry. We focus on lots of sensory play and the Three Prime Areas of the EYFS with our children under two. The prime areas are Physical Development, Communication & Language and Personal, Social & Emotional Development. When the children sleep whilst at the nursery, we have cots and mats for children to sleep on. The children have their own individual sheet which goes in their own labelled slot when they are not using it to ensure the highest hygiene levels. Sleeping children are monitored continuously and regular sleep checks are logged on Tapestry.

The Main Room:

 In the main room, the children are ages between around 2 years up to school age. The children spend communal times together (breakfast, lunch and tea), and then split into their 'rooms' to focus on age-appropriate learning and play experiences. 

The Toddler Room (two to three years old)

The Toddler room has natural resources throughout the room with the resources that are out relating to the children’s interests. In the toddler room they are starting to form simple three word sentences and they are beginning to potty train. We support parents though potty training to help and guide them if they have any questions.

The Preschool Room (Three to Four years old)

In the Preschool room we encourage the children to become independent and confident with all areas of their daily life and routine to help them towards becoming 'school ready'. This includes getting themselves dressed and undressed, self-service at mealtimes and going to the toilet independently. 

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