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Staff FAQ'S

Pay and Discounts.

5. When do we get paid? How do I get my payslip?

A. You will be paid on the last day of the month. Pay is done in increments of full weeks running up to and including the last Friday of the month. Any extra days will be paid the following month.

B. Your payslip will be sent to you via email directly from the accountants (maple).

9. Do I get any discounts?

a. If your child is aged under 2 then we do not offer a discount. From age 2 upwards we offer a 5% discount.

b. If you have a child old enough to attend ClubsComplete Holiday clubs (3-14) then you are eligible for a 50% discount on as many clubs as you would like them to attend. Please call the ClubsComplete office to book.



2. Do I need a DBS check?

a. YES. This is at your own expense when you first join the company and contracts are not valid until you have a clear DBS check back.

b. You MUST put your DBS onto the Update service, if this is not done, it will be at your own expense to order a new DBS check. Once your DBS is on the update service, as long as you pay the yearly renewal fee (currently £13) then you will not ever need a new DBS.

3. What do I need to wear?

a. Uniform tops and fleeces will be provided. Please wear black trousers, jeans or joggers with black flat shoes or trainers. Leggings are not permitted.

14. How can I buy or order things for the nursery?

a. Ask your manager if you want something ordered

b. If it is a small item with a low price value (£15 or less) your manager may authorise you to purchase it and refund you the money as expenses. You MUST keep the receipt.

c. Do not make any purchases without authorisation as you may not be refunded the money you have spent.

15. What if we run out of soap, toilet paper or kitchen roll (cleaning products)?

a. Let your manager know they are running low and they will place an order

16. What if we run out of any craft materials?

a. Let your manager know they are running low and they will place an order

What training do I get?

a. On your first day, you will have an induction plan and training day to spend the whole day with various members of staff who will all show you different elements of the role.

b. You have access to Noodle Now which is an online training platform that we pay for a subscription for each year. You are welcome to do as many of the courses as you wish and you get a certificate for each one completed. There are some mandatory courses for this which need to be completed, these include:

i. Safeguarding children

ii. FGM

iii. Prevent and British values

iv. Breast ironing

v. Food safety and hygiene (a preference of the advanced level 3 food hygiene one)

vi. Intro to EYFS

vii. Health and safety in the workplace

viii. Effective teaching and learning

ix. Inclusion equality and diversity

c. Other recommendations are:

i. Child protection

ii. Understanding babies

iii. CSE

iv. Encouraging positive behaviour

v. In the moment planning

vi. GDPR

vii. Outstanding practices

viii. SEN

d. You can ask your manager if you find a training course that you would like to attend to see if the budget is available for it.

13. Is any training compulsory?

a. The above courses are mandatory

b. It is mandatory to attend a first aid course every 3 years, your manager will book this for you

c. Your contract states that you will ensure CPD (Continued Professional Development) thus you must keep your knowledge up to date


21. Do I have to attend team meetings?

a. Yes these are mandatory and take place once every 4-6 weeks at 6pm and last no more than an hour.

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