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Our building

We are a log cabin in a forest setting on the site of Woodstone Community Primary School!

We have a purpose-built log cabin which has a cosy and homely feel. We are situated on the site of Woodstone Community Primary School and have access to their school field as well as our own forestry area including stream, gardens sheltered garden area and mud kitchens.

We arriving at the nursery, you will see two buildings - the larger one is the main cabin where the children play and learn for their indoor learning. The smaller cabin behind is our kitchen cabin, where all of the food is freshly cooked daily in site for the children. On entering our main building, you will see our open office on the left-hand side. We have our baby room which features a lot of sensory toys, and then a shared toddler room for the age 2's and our pre-school room where children are encouraged to develop their independence ready for leaving us and going to school. Our toddlers and pre-school share the main room during communal times (such as for breakfast, lunch and tea) and then separate throughout the day for focused learning and exploring times. Children are based in these rooms but they also have free-flow opportunities enabling them to mix with children of all ages. This is particularly nice for sibling groups to be able to spend time with each other. All ages are always mixed outside, and we have 'family-style' meals where everyone sits at the table together to eat.

If you would like to book a viewing to see the nursery in further detail, please contact us.

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